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Monaco's Tour Odeon Tower To Be Home to Worlds Priciest Penthouse? [Video]

Monaco’s luxury housing market booms as
tax haven lures the world’s super rich

When the dog's owner died, he was left behind. Watch what happens next!

For a year, Woody refused to leave, he 

waited under a nearby shed

What happens when you decide to save a few dollars and NOT use a REALTOR®? [Video]

Two new homeowners discover that sometimes saving a few dollars is no bargain at all.1

Yeah? It's a map of the Holy Land that was drawn in 1709. It's titled "Canaan, Palestine, or the Holy Land." [Video]

That's the key. An old map. An old map. Spin that....How politically charged history and geography can be

You never have to worry about running out of power again with your smartphones and tablets [Video]

Ultrapak Series with Revolutionary Ultra-X Charging Technology™ provides all-day power in as little as fifteen minutes

Cutest dog and cat battle ever [VIDEO]

Now this will bring a smile to your face. A playful dog challenges this cat to a harmless battle!

Arab stunting video has man texting on hood of speeding car [Video]

The driver behind the tinted windows of the Ford sedan as seen in this video is driving at normal speed, with an unknown man sitting comfortably on the hood of the moving car

Arab Car Stunting Now Involves Changing Tires While Sidewalk Skiing On Two Wheels [Video]

The latest craze to hit Saudi Arabia is "sidewalk skiing", where the driver balances the car on two wheels while people cling on the outside of the moving vehicle.

'Baby&Me': The New Dancing Babies Evian Commercial [Video]

The babies are back in a new commercial and the video has racked up more than 26 million views in five days since it was posted on YouTube

Bentley booms in depressed market ? [Video]

German-owned British icons muscle onto each other's turf.

Nana, 88-Year-Old Grandma, Dances Her Way Out The Door [VIDEO]

Check out this amazing 88-year-old Nana who will dance her way into your heart.    We will say this, watch the video until the very end for the big finale, it is well worth it and you should put a smile on your face.

Cats being total jerks for no apparent reason [Video]

For a group of cats they're just bored out of their minds lookin for something to do, with 3.9 Million Viewers in one week on Youtube as you could see how they can be some real jerks thats the best thing about cats!

Gangnam Style Christmas Light Show: Texas Family synchronize Psy's Viral Tune to breathtaking X-Mas Outdoor Decoration Display [HD VIDEO]

Just when you thought you wouldn't watch another PSY's Gangnam Style video any more. A house adorned with more than 25,000 phenomenal Christmas LED outdoor light displays

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