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When the dog's owner died, he was left behind. Watch what happens next!

For a year, Woody refused to leave, he 

waited under a nearby shed

Canadians Home Buyers Florida Largest Foreign Real Estate Investors: Report

                           Spent Nearly $2.2 billion Buying Properties

Happy Canada Day!

Canada is 147 years old today. The birth of Canada, or as we call it Confederation, was in 1867

The 10 most expensive office markets in the Americas

Globally, office rental rates climbed three per cent over the last year, but remained largely flat across the Americas

Arab stunting video has man texting on hood of speeding car [Video]

The driver behind the tinted windows of the Ford sedan as seen in this video is driving at normal speed, with an unknown man sitting comfortably on the hood of the moving car

Arab Car Stunting Now Involves Changing Tires While Sidewalk Skiing On Two Wheels [Video]

The latest craze to hit Saudi Arabia is "sidewalk skiing", where the driver balances the car on two wheels while people cling on the outside of the moving vehicle.

World's tallest hotel opens in Dubai

The JW Marriott's Marquis Dubai formally opened Feb. 26 after gaining the title of tallest hotel from Guinness World Records.

Canada Household Debt Reaches Another Record High

Canadian households continue to get into deeper debt, but the most recent data also offers a bit of a respite  credit accumulation is slowing

Take An Incredible Aerial Tour Of Dubai : An amazing 360° view [3D PHOTOS]

It's been called "the City of the Future." a key ingredients that have earned Dubai a growing reputation as one of the world’s most attractive and rapidly developing destinations to live, work and play in

Samsung SNS Launches New Smart Door Lock 'SHS-3320' [PHOTO]

Samsung SNS smart door lock
 (Model code: SHS-3320)
Network services & solutions company Samsung SNS (CEO: Chang Soo-Choi) launched smart door lock (Model code: SHS-3320) targeted for global markets.The most noticeable feature of
the door lock is that it has become more sophisticated by combining both mechanical and electronic elements for overseas markets.

This new product also accommodates the structure of the lockset locally used overseas as it can be installed right in the place where the existing mechanical lock used to be without any special installation process. This is the greatest advantage of

Watch Qatar Airways first 787 being built in 3 mins [HD Video]

Ahead of taking delivery of its first 787 Dreamliner passenger plane, QatarAirways has released a time-lapse video which shows the aircraft being assembled at Boeing's Seattle factory in just three amazing minutes! So On Monday, November 12, Qatar Airways became the

Twitter Resetting User Passwords After possible Hijack Attack But: ‘unintentionally’ Reset Too Many Passwords

Have you tried to log into your Twitter account today, only to find out you are unable to access it with your password, you are not the only one. A possible hack of thousands of Twitter accounts worldwide has

Trudeau, Brazeau Boxing Match Gets The 22 Minutes Treatment [VIDEO]

Justin Trudeau defeated Patrick Brazeau in a charity boxing match Saturday night and "22 Minutes" was there for every blow.

Many Instagram Users are tweeting about Heading for the Exits after Facebook deal

With the anouncement of the acquisition of Instgram by Facebook. Unhappy user of Instgram have tweeted about Heading for the Exits after Facebook deal, due to fear and concern that in addition to the company, Facebook has acquired all of that

Facebook to acquire Instagram for $1 billion in cash and stock.

Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook Inc, the world’s biggest social-networking service, posted to his Timeline that Facebook has just concluded a deal to acquire mobile photo sharing app Instagram for approximately $1 billion in cash and stock. The transaction should

World's Best Food Markets: St. Lawrence Market Tops National Geographic List

Savour the win Toronto. St. Lawrence Market was named by National Geographic as the world's best

'Digital wallet' will transform smartphone and how we spend - Technology & Science - CBC News

Major players like Rogers, Visa and PayPal are backing development of the 'digital wallet', a new technology that will pay your bills and buy your coffee, all from

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