You never have to worry about running out of power again with your smartphones and tablets [Video]

Ultrapak Series with Revolutionary Ultra-X Charging Technology™ provides all-day power in as little as fifteen minutes

UNU Electronics, your most reliable portable power source announced the release of the Ultrapak Portable Battery Pack Series, featuring its patent-pending Ultra-X Charging Technology. UNU’s Ultra-X Charging Technology enables the fastest way in the industry to charge a portable battery pack, up to 8X faster than conventional batteries. In as little as 15 minutes, UNU’s Ultra-X Charging Technology makes it possible for the Ultrapak to gather 2000mAh of energy – the equivalent amount of power that is needed to power a smartphone for a full day.

“Instead of charging a phone for 15 minutes, which may yield less than 10% additional power, users can promptly recharge the Ultrapak and collect enough backup power to keep their phones going for a full day. The invention of the Ultrapak fulfills the urgent needs of a fast-charging solution in a time sensitive power deficiency,” said Brian Westphal, Chief Marketing Officer.

Two versions of the Ultrapak are available: 
The UltraPak Go is available for $59.99, while the UltraPak Tour can be had for $99.99

While it is important to note that mobile device charging speeds cannot be increased, UNU has developed an effective alternative which allows users to charge a portable battery pack at unprecedented speeds. This innovation allows the lengthy recharging process to happen throughout the day, on-the-go, versus having users tied to an outlet at home or at the office for a few hours.
Ultrapak TOUR
The Ultrapaks are geared for power users who do not wish to be bogged down with portable battery packs that require long periods of time to fully charge. Maximum charge time for the Ultrapak GO is only 30 minutes to secure its full capacity of 3000mAh and similarly, the Ultrapak TOUR requires approximately 100 minutes to fully deliver up to 10,000mAh of energy into its battery core.

The Ultrapak GO

Each unit is packaged with a durable rubberized, anti-slip frame for easy grip and handling. It features an integrated LED screen, indicating battery levels within 1% as well as remaining time to FULL when charging. The LED screen does not only show the power, it also helps users to facilitate the energy in the power and manage the entire charging process in any way they like. The Ultrapak GO includes a single USB 2.1A output, while the Ultrapak TOUR sports two USB outputs, 1.0A and 2.1A for efficient charging of tablets and smartphones.

Pre-order units will start being shipped out on June 30th guaranteed to arrive by July 4th, 2014 and backed by UNU’s one year limited warranty.

Disclaimer: It is the Ultrapak GO and TOUR portable battery packs that collect energy from a power outlet at 8x faster than usual charging speeds. UNU’s patent-pending Ultra-X Fast Charging Technology enables its Ultrapak portable battery packs to load enough amperage to fully power a smartphone within 15 minutes. Users cannot charge their mobile phones and tablets faster than the ‘standard’ speed set by the phone manufacturers.

About UNU Electronics

UNU Electronics Inc. is a global manufacturer and distributor of mobile-electronic accessories. It is the most reliable power source in the market. UNU’s unwavering belief in creating innovative designs, delivering reliable products, and providing exceptional customer service have made us one of the biggest leaders in mobile power accessories. Based in Union City, CA with international production facilities, UNU products are available through our website as well as key online and retail partners like,,, Best Buy, Costco, and Office Depot. Visit, Facebook at or on Twitter at

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