Pushy REALTORS® are not hard to recognize [Video]

Whether you are buying a home or selling a home, you are most likely going to need the services of a REALTORS®. Most people have heard horror stories or had experinced a
pushy REALTORS® that try to get you to buy a property you were not interested in or list your home for a price well below what its worth. The last thing you want is for the REALTORS® you work with to be anything like that.

Pushy REALTORS® are not hard to recognize. You will notice that they don't truly seem interested in your needs or wants.

Choose your REALTORS® based on a referral you receive from someone you trust.  speaking to someone who has had a positive selling experience with the REALTORS® will be of much help.

When a friend or family member refer a REALTORS® to you, there is a greater chance of you having a successful experience with that REALTORS®, than if you randomly choose one from the telephone book or the internet. Make sure the person who is referring the REALTORS®  to you has had a recent experience working with them.

If you are a buyer working with a real REALTORS® , make sure to sign an buyer representation agreement that details what you are looking for in a home along with the maximum price you are willing to pay.

There are some REALTORS® that will attempt to show you homes that are above your maximum price or do not meet your priority criteria.

Usually this happens because the REALTORS® has some ulterior motive for selling the property. Respond to this situation the first time by asking that the real REALTORS® only show you homes that meet your criteria. If the agent continues to disrespect your wishes, or your contract, you should move on to a REALTORS® that will abide by the buyer representation agreement and your requests.

If you feel that a REALTORS® does not have your best interests in mind, kindly thank them for their services, and ask to cancel the buyer repesentation agreement and then enlist the services of another REALTORS®

Watch Video Funny Britsh Comedy of Pushy Real Estate Agent

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