The 5 million-dollar underground garage that you can only park your car in through an aircraft carrier elevator [Video]

5 Million Dollar Underground Garage Lift going down

After software engineer Tom Gonzales decided to retire he sold his company and bought this estate in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. There he spent 5 million dollars, including the aircraft-carrier elevator platform, to create one of the most incredible garages ever built, to house and protect his car and motorcycle collection.

Most of his cars and motorcycles are in a building built to look like a mansion, but the best of his collections are stored underground in a lower floor that can be accessed via elevator.

It’s not the normal elevator; it’s 60 feet long, 12 feet wide and 15 feet high. It’s the kind used in aircraft carriers to lift planes from the hold and into the flight deck and it can carry up to three cars and a recreational vehicle at once or up to 250,000 lbs.

While it may look like a 21st century version of the Tracy Island escape chute, this is actually an enormous lift used to raise cars and buses from a giant underground car park to the surface on a sprawling estate in Lake Tahoe, U.S.

The 6,000-square-foot underground garage is climate controlled and spacious, he designed it to have no pillars at all so driving in and out will be easier.

Disguised under rocks and pine trees you'd be forgiven for thinking that this secret launch pad was straight out of Thunderbirds.

The elevator is impossible to see normally but with the press of a button a red light begins to flash and the ground begins to move as the 60ft long hydraulically-powered lift appears from below.

Speaking on the U.S. show Million Dollar Rooms Mr Gonzales says: 'When someone sees it for the first time they are speechless, overwhelmed, but one thing is for sure, in their lifetime they will never forget it.'

Nicknamed 'The Gigantor' the privately-owned engineering marvel is heated and 'completely impervious to any kind of natural disaster' according to its owner.

Tom Gonzales says he needs somewhere safe in which to store his 40 luxury cars and 60ft bus Collection:

The garage which contains cars and motorcycles was described as like a 'toy box' because of its collection of unused vehicles Tom's estate features four separate homes - but the centre piece is his incredible garage.

See it for yourself in the above You Tube Movie

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