Latest Gadgets that Will Make Your Home Smarter

Fridges have a lot of untapped tech potential. Several refrigerator brands have designed their version of the fridge of the future

As technology evolves, so do home conveniences. you probably couldn’t have predicted the necessity of owning a cell phone or home computer in the 1980s as they were a luxury.

Now nearly every household has at least one. In earlier generations, what we now consider everyday items went from luxury to standard equipment: Refrigerators, microwaves, Door Handle, Automatic faucet, Smart Fridge, top-of-the-line, high tech toilet .

With an eye to the next round of gadgets and gizmos, we’ve collected a roundup of items that in 10 years most households may not be able to live without. Which of these gadgets do you think you need right now?

Automatic faucet

This equipment is pretty standard in public restrooms, but there aren’t many private homes that have the same technology. The automatic faucet contains a sensor that turns on when you’re near or when you tap it. No need to even switch it off; the water will stop running once you leave the room.

Samsung T9000 Smart Fridge

Fridges have a lot of untapped tech potential. Several refrigerator brands have designed their version of the fridge of the future. In addition to just keeping food cold, these self-cleaning refrigerators connect to WiFi so you can manage the food you have in the fridge, keep track of expiration dates or figure out what meals you can put together.

This Samsung model isn't exactly that advanced,  includes an LCD screen where homeowners can surf the Internet, manage calendars and even tweet. but it's getting there with a touchscreen window that runs apps like Evernote and Epicurious to help you organize grocery lists and recipes you're tired of keeping in a flammable note card box next to the stove.

Self-Steralizing Door Handle

Nothing can make a home feel more obsolete than having to physically get down on your hands and knees and scrub it. Now even the laziest germ-o-phobe can have a completely clean house. This door handle remains germ-free on its own thanks to a UV light that kills any germs that come from your dirty, dirty hands.

Numi Comfort Height® Toilet

It might sound excessive to buy a top-of-the-line, high tech toilet considering the end purpose it serves. But this model offers a ridiculous amount of features and designs for something as simple as a toilet. It not only looks like the kind of toilet everyone in the future will use but it also offers motion activation, a retractable bidet and air dryer, heated seat and feet warming panels.

And if those aren't crazy enough, it also has a touch-sensitive remote control.

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