What are Common signs of a Marihuana Grow Operation?

Most Marihuana Grow Operations are set up in residential or commercial rental properties. Often larger properties or buildings are selected, as they will support a larger growing capacity, Often the properties or buildings  are maintained in their normal fashionare, the interiors may have been significantly altered to
accommodate equipment required to grow marihuana.

Common signs of a Grow Op:
  • Windows are covered with dark plastic or newspaper so people can't see inside
  • Lack of activity Residents may only be in the home occasionally They avoid contact with neighbours
  • Sounds of electrical generators and fans creates humming sounds
  • Bright lights Hydro meter is often tampered with or bypassed
  • Skunky smell (marihuana growing)
  • Increased traffic at odd times of day or night ranging from no visitors to frequent visitors for short periods of time
  • Uncommon garbage little or no garbage or unusual items (e.g. bags of potting soil are carried into the home, fertilizer containers, wiring, PVC piping).
  • Excessive security A "Guard Dog" sign may be used to deter trespassing, protect against theft and avoid detection by police
  • Other “props” to deflect suspicion. Some of these include: Children's toys & bikes outside without children living at the residence, radio and/or TV on for 24 hours, flyers left in mailbox or on the front steps, outdoor and/or indoor lights.

There's more than just marihuana in a Grow Op:

  • The use of enormous amounts of electricity combined with high heat is a Greater fire risk and unauthorized tampering with electrical systems can lead to fires. The hazard often extends to neighbouring properties.
  • Toxic mould The high humidity and temperatures necessary for a grow room lead to the formation of damaging mould and fungus
  • Highly volatile chemicals The chemicals used in the production of marihuana are left to circulate inside the residence. These sometimes mix with air that has been re-vented from the furnace and/or water heater.
  • Damage Electrical bypasses and rewiring performed by unqualified individuals may results in dangerous electrical hazards Electrocutions / Property .
  • Environmental damage with Poisonous gas and chemicals
  • The occupants of a Marihuana Grow Operation are more susceptible to extortion and home invasion. they protect them self with guns These operations are targeted by criminals who commit home invasions to steal the crop.
  • The presence of a grow operation increases the threat of violence to the neighbourhood.
  • Increased threat of violence
Tips for Landlords
How to protect your property:
  • Due Diligence Obtain a credit history.
  • References should be mandatory and followed up.
  • Check the property regularly on monthly or seasonly basis.
Be alert for signs of a potential grow operation including:
  • Foundation walls may be drilled to facilitate illegal ducking or wiring, other electrical rewiring/tampering in the property, evidence of digging in the soil around the hydro meter may be the indication of an electrical by-pass.
  • There may be localized surges and decreases in power.
  • Tenants may be reluctant to allow landlords or agen to inspect the property and may insist on paying rent in cash.
Check your property regularly:
  • A crop may take two to three months. Checking your property regularly on monthly or seasonly basis.is recommended.
Anyone intending to purchase or rent a property should have a careful inspection conducted to ensure it was not previously used as a Marihuana Grow Operation

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