Al Maktoum International Airport in Dubai to become the world’s biggest airport [Photos]

The biggest shopping mall, the tallest skyscraper, best luxurious Hotels, Man made Island, add one more landmark to the ambitions of this Desert Arab Country of five million people in the Middle East,  The World’s Biggest Airport. 
Construction is underway at Al Maktoum International Airport in Dubai, when finished Al Maktoum International Airport is claimed to be the world's largest passenger and cargo hub. With five runways and three sprawling terminals the monstrous aerial hub will be able to handle upwards of 130-160 million passengers a year, more than the existing world’s busiest passenger airport, concourses with a 91m high control tower that is designed as an aviation landmark in the Middle East,

The cargo facility, with capacity to handle more than 12 million tonnes annually, which is more than three times that of current & largest cargo hub in the world at present.

Al Maktoum International Airport will be ten times larger than Dubai International Airport and Dubai Cargo Village combined.

The 75,000 square metre passenger terminal building is a single structure, designed to cater to up to five to seven million passengers per annum.

The airport will be able to handle all next-generation aircraft, including the massive double-Decker Airbus A380 super jumbo. Up to four aircraft's will be able to land simultaneously, 24 hours a day, which will result in minimised air queuing.

It’s a dramatic testament to the aviation ambitions strategy of this Desert Arab country, strategy to grab a growing share of global air traffic and route it through its airports, and large National Airlines, Emirates, and Etihad Airways, a strategy that put some countries and large carriers around the world including Air Canada and the Government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper on the defensive,

Emirates, the national airline of Dubai, Etihad Airways of Abu Dhabi, has ordered Large Jumbo jets, massive double-Decker Airbus A380s, that move across the tarmac of Pearson International Airport like lumbering whales, all aimed at the lucrative long-haul market able to carry some 500 passengers on flights as long as 15,000 kilometres, including the Dubai-Toronto and Abu Dhabi route.

A Route where they have run into turbulence with Air Canada and the Government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper that denied them more landing right,  that has Highlighted the fact that the Conservative government’s free trade agenda doesn’t quite extend to the skies, and triggered a diplomatic tiff in relations between U.A.E. and Canada, that has cost Canada’s military a strategic staging post in the Middle East.

Why the Middle Eastern countries airports are investing so much in the construction and expansion of so many large airports across the Gulf States in such a small geographic area, more competition, better choice, better service, lower prices,  A quarter of the country’s gross domestic product of $82 billion is pegged to aviation-related Industry, it would be an economic windfall spurring more tourists and business.

Al Maktoum Airport forms the main part of $33 billion Dubai World Central (DWC), a planned residential, commercial and logistics complex. The project is expected to be fully built-out and operational by 2017.

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