What is Halal Meat and Halal Certification?

Paramount Fine Foods, and Hero Certified Burgers features halal meat, certified halal by ISNA.

Since 1988 ISNA Canada has been providing Halal Certification service to the Muslim communities and Canadian not only in Canada and the United States but throughout the Muslim world. ISNA Canada developed its Halal Logo to be put on the packages certified by it to assure the Muslims that package contains the Halal food.

The market for Halal foods in the GTA is booming, major restaurants and grocers stores are capitalizing on it,Hero Certified Burgers, is the only franchise to be endorsed by the Canadian Angus Ranchers and to have burgers and steaks certified halal by ISNA. another is Paramount Fine Foods, Paramount features halal Meat Shawarma, certified halal by ISNA.as well many other small Restaurant and Grocers store sell certified halal.

But what exactly is halal, and why is it so controversial?

"According to Islamic tradition, the animal is brought to the place of slaughter and laid down gently so as to not injure it. The blade must be kept hidden until the very last moment while the jugular of the animal is felt. The conventional method used to slaughter the animal involves cutting the large arteries in the neck along with the esophagus and vertebrate trachea with one swipe of an non-serrated blade. Care must be taken that the nervous system is not damaged, as this may cause the animal to die before exsanguination has taken place. While blood is draining, the animal is not handled until it has died. If any other method is used its meat will not be halal."

Source: According to Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dhabihah

Put in very simple terms, halal meats is meats that come from animals that have been killed according to the tenets outlined by the Muslim faith. it require particular methods of slaughter so as to make the meat that is then produced “clean” and therefore edible.

The ritual slaughter procedures behind Halal meat the animal must be healthy and emphasis is placed on ensuring that the animal should have lived a relatively painless, good life.

Should restaurants and shops be compelled to label halal meat? Share your views in Comment below

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